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A standard broom finish. Although a broom finish doesn't have to standard this is a the most typical finish used for sidewalks, driveways, aprons, approaches, curbs, gutters, and so on. The purpose is to create a surface with traction. Let Empire Concrete be your solution



Looking for a something a little more aesthetically pleasing? Exposed concrete might be your choice. With exposed concrete the surface of the concrete is washed away exposing the aggregate underneath. The size of stones and colors can be picked out and customized to give you the Concrete look you like



If you would like to take customization to the next level, then Stamped Concrete is the choice for you. Stamped Concrete gives you the ability to choose shapes colors and designs. Go from a floor of concrete that looks like hard wood or choose large stones, with Stamped Concrete the possibilities are endless



 A polished finish is most commonly used for basements, garages or shop floors. This finish produces an smooth flat surface perfect for bonding tile, laying carpet, placing laminate or a old fashioned concrete look.